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round14 | voting pt. 2

• Do NOT vote for yourself & don't tell people to vote for you!
• Voting ends in a few days ;D.
• Vote for 2 Icons in each category!
Everyone can vote, even if they didn't enter this round!

2 icons in each category :)

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round14 | voting pt.1

Sorry, it always takes me so long. I am such a lazy person, ugh.
And I also apologise for the weird coding. I tried out a new method.

Here's the first part of the voting. The rest will be up tomorrow because my fingers already hurt from all the copy-and-pasting etc.

Vote for 2 icons in each category. Comments are screened.
Please use this form:

Don't vote for yourself
Don't tell others to vote for you
and be fair with your votes: choose the best icon not the best fandom :)

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